Strangeness In The Deep Sea


A creature I imagined living deep in the sea waiting to be discovered.


The All Mighty Doctor of Peppers


Had the idea to make a doctor pepper. He’s spicy, like his medical practice.

Teeth Eyes Monster


Thought of an idea of a creature with eyes that were teeth.

October Art Update


This is my October modeling project. A stearman PT-17 in 1/48th scale by Revell. I’m painting it in an Ohio State color scheme and want to make some custom graphics for it. Body will be gray and the wings red. I’m thinking of making the front end either black or chrome.

I’ve had alot of things happen so my art has faded off right now. I honestly don’t feel like doing much of anything. So there might not be much updates for awhile. I’ve packed up everything but tools and supplies from my studio. So all the past projects I was doing will just have to wait.

So I want to see if just doing one model at a time is rewarding or frustrating because of all the waiting involved. If you have built this one let me know and share a picture.

Dadadadada Batman!

I love how the picture of Batman is not right for the movie. #epicmarketingfail

Here’s the new project page for this cool Batmobile model I’m working on. I decided to just make pages for each of my builds and update them as I go. It was too hard keeping track of all the posts and fans were saying it was hard to follow. So, thankfully wordpress has cool pages. Thanks wordpress! So click to image or the link below to see more about this model kit.